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March, 2019

Holy Week of Viveiro 2019

Holy Week Viveiro is considered a festival of international tourist interest, for the artistic quality of its steps and the antiquity of them, dating some of them from the early nineteenth century.

In Holy Week of Viveiro we can see many brotherhoods and brotherhoods, in eucharist, via crucis and tamborradas, all in an intimate atmosphere through the narrow streets of the old town.

The locals recommend the Procession of the Encounter as the most colorful and emotional, in which the falls of Christ are represented with the cross on the back in the Plaza Maior and the atrium of Santa María.

Another peculiarity of the Viveirense Holy Week are its children’s parades, in which children walk images of children’s size accompanied by children’s music bands, adapting the party to the little ones and creating love and devotion.

You can find more information, schedules and much more at www.semanasantaviveiro.com, at the tourist office and also asking us at your arrival, we always have first-hand information to give.

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