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Holy Week of Viveiro 2019

Holy Week Viveiro is considered a festival of international tourist interest, for the artistic quality of its steps and the antiquity of them, dating some of them from the early nineteenth century. In Holy Week of Viveiro we can see many brotherhoods and brotherhoods, in eucharist, via crucis and tamborradas, all in an intimate atmosphere […]

Gastronomic parties and much more.

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4,724 total views, 5 views today In Galicia and in the Mariña Lucense the parties are always accompanied by food, it is more often the party revolves around food, one in particular each time. Everything with local and seasonal products. Parties such as the barnacle, the lacón, the octopus, the mussel, take place throughout the year in […]

Discovering Nordés

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4,769 total views, 2 views today We present ourselves so that we have no doubts. We are Julia and Simon, we changed the heat of Valencia by the north winds in the Mariña Lucense a little over two years ago, we decided to invest in a type of tourism more oriented to know and enjoy the environment […]